You’re Acting Like A Child!

hose rocks are amazing, I said to myself as I traversed the mountain tops with my eyes while lounging on the pool deck. When I look at a mountain, I see a challenge, like a calling or an opportunity to explore the unknown. To get to new heights, both mentally and physically . I have desire to see many things. There is only one problem, my mind doesn’t like heights. Even thinking about running in mountains makes me tense, but I do it to show myself that the mind is good at wandering when I do things that are difficult.

As I lay there daydreaming about running the sky trails, I hear toy cars crashing against one another behind me. I looked back to notice a young boy playing with his toys while his grandfather watched over him in the lounge chair behind him. I was reluctant to stare because I am a single white male in his thirties and people might start asking questions if I lock eyes for an extend amount of time (too bad I didn’t have my bead shaved into a mustache, that would have been even better). Watching the little boy play with his toys was was a time machine back to my own childhood. I reminisced about the days spent playing with my action figures and toy cars for hours on end, no cares, no worries, just plain old fun. What happened to those days? Why do I have the urge to be productive every day?

As we grow up and we are tickled by life experiences. These experiences shape our learning throughout life. Coupled with societies view of what it means to be an adult, we are told to grow up and act our age when we attempt to take even the slightest step, outside our perceived gender roles.

So I got up and said, f*#k being an adult for once. Enough swimming to workout. Enough acting my appropriate age. Enough proving myself to myself. Enough finding myself. I started to walk towards the pool. My walk became a jog, which then became a run towards the water. BACKFLIP BABY. Two steps until the water. I envisioned myself floating through the air and flipping acrobatically upside down whilst spotting the perfect landing with minimal splash. One step to the pool. Oh sh*t, I have never done a backflip, what do I do? I jump. AHHH…I launched in the air, trying to throw my legs over my head only to pathetically kick my legs parallel to the water. My back violently slaps the water. So hard, I think my liver even felt the blow. Now under the water, my entire back side is numbed. As I surfaced, I let out a soft taahh in response to the pain I just endured. That was fun, let’s do it again. So I jumped in a few more times, just for the hell of it.

Its easy to get wrapped up in adulting and doing things you should or ought to be doing. But where is the fun in that? Let’s get back to our roots the fundamentals. A time when playing was why we woke up. A time when we held hands with our friends. A time when we were free from the ticks of time. A time when life was purely an improv show and notifications didn’t beep. A time when we rode bikes until sunset and stay out past curfew. A time when a brand didn’t have a name. A time when time, didn’t exist. Now that is a goal to reach for!

Trying to serve one person at a time. Ultra-life. Namaste.