get it. We have all been there. It can be difficult to find a running or training partner. Sometimes schedules are just too difficult to coordinate. Or maybe you’re traveling and don’t know anyone in the area. Well, I have a solution. What if you could have a personal travel running partner? A person that can be there when no one else can be. That would be awesome, ‘ey? Or maybe you have a race coming up and are in need of one more person to fill that pacer slot. We all know the importance of a pacer in those last few miles. Well, look no further!

About me:

I take an optimistic approach to life. I acknowledge and accept that plans don’t always go as we intend them to, however, I attempt to embrace the silver lining in every situation. Trail running has taught me to embrace the moment and disconnect from the struggles within. Through running and its community, I have connected with some of the most amazing people and formed some very special bonds. I love to help people. For me, there is a deeper connection with running when I am able to help someone achieve their goals and cross the finish line. And yes, WE, as a team, will get YOU to reach the goal.


Ice Age Trail 50k

Clinton lakes 50k

Crater Trail Run 50k

Kenosha 100 mile relay Race (50K)

Lunatic Trail 50k

Lunatics Trial series half marathon

Multiple Spartan Races (Sprint, Super, Beast)

Ultra sign up verification

Achillies International affiliate

I currently work from home, so I have a flexible schedule. I am located in Wisconsin and willing to travel.

Contact me with any questions.



Thanks for taking the time to read this and best of luck on your running endevours.

Trying to serve one person at a time. Ultra-life. Namaste.