Just Show Up…

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

You wake up, mind racing with excuses not to go… just show up.

You’re in pain from the last session and think you’ll just take the day off…just show up.

You had a bad best yesterday and think today will be no better …just show up.

You think for a good alternative and convince yourself that there is another day…just show up.

You’re injured and don't want to do the rehab exerscizes…just show up.

It’s been a busy day and you have been productive, training can wait until tomorrow… just show up.

You cross the finish line without a care for your time or position in the race, you’re flooded with emotion, your mind is present without a care in the world, you begin to cry as you reflect on your journey, and at that moment you’re thankful for the times that you just showed up.