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I get it. We have all been there. It can be difficult to find a running or training partner. Sometimes schedules are just too difficult to coordinate. Or maybe you’re traveling and don’t know anyone in the area. Well, I have a solution. What if you could have a personal travel running partner? A person that can be there when no one else can be. That would be awesome, ‘ey? Or maybe you have a race coming up and are in need of one more person to fill that pacer slot. We all know the importance of a pacer in…

“Thanks for calling Aurora Healthcare, this is Steve, your customer care representative, how can I help you?”

“I was just calling back the number that I missed, which was probably in regard to an appointment I have on Thursday, but no I don’t need anything else.”

“Oh, okay. I can check for you if you want?”

“No that’s okay.”

“Alright, is there anything else I can help you with?”


“…. well I don’t want to waste your time, but can I tell you a story?”

“Yes, you can.”

“There was a child in Africa who’s sibling just dies of…

Those rocks are amazing, I said to myself as I traversed the mountain tops with my eyes while lounging on the pool deck. When I look at a mountain, I see a challenge, like a calling or an opportunity to explore the unknown. To get to new heights, both mentally and physically . I have desire to see many things. There is only one problem, my mind doesn’t like heights. Even thinking about running in mountains makes me tense, but I do it to show myself that the mind is good at wandering when I do things that are difficult.

Growing up, I was told never to hang out before the bridge. If you're not from Milwaukee, you’re probably super confused, so let me explain. I always thought of Milwaukee as a great city to hang out in and group up around. While it’s going out scene surpasses the majority of the country for the number of bars per capita, like any city, it does display poverty. I was taught growing up that with poverty comes violence. …

I was approaching the end of a faced-paced training run when I begin to hit a wall. Lactic acid hijacked the fibers and tissues of my muscles. I got the feeling that I was running against water. My heart rate began sore as did my breathing. Something wasn’t right.

Breathing is an involuntary action. Meaning, you don’t have to think about it, it happens without intention. Could you imagine having to think about breathing? That would be exhausting. Thankfully, the medulla oblongata takes care of this so we don't have to. Mama wasn't right! (Water Boy anyone?).

Short Anatomy Lesson

You wake up, mind racing with excuses not to go… just show up.

You’re in pain from the last session and think you’ll just take the day off…just show up.

You had a bad best yesterday and think today will be no better …just show up.

You think for a good alternative and convince yourself that there is another day…just show up.

You’re injured and don't want to do the rehab exerscizes…just show up.

It’s been a busy day and you have been productive, training can wait until tomorrow… just show up.

You cross the finish line without a care for your time or position in the race, you’re flooded with emotion, your mind is present without a care in the world, you begin to cry as you reflect on your journey, and at that moment you’re thankful for the times that you just showed up.

The sign read “Road Closed”, so I proceeded forward. I love exploring and I love exploring where you’re not “suppose” to be. There is something about doing the “wrong” (not intently) that feels right. It probably stems from my wreck less childhood when I would constantly be the bandit of the class, always getting in trouble for talking while class was in session. I can’t help it; I just love doing naughty things so why stop today?

As I neared the construction area of the freeway under passage I got a sense that I shouldn’t be here after hours which…

Ahhh, yes. Running injuries. They range from hip to quadriceps issues to hamstring annoyances to knee or calf pain and everything in between. Injuries can not only be a physical battle but a mental test as well. Here are some suggestions to help you better cope with your injury both mentally and physically.


There are many types of yoga that can be of great benefit to an injured runner. One type of yoga that can help strengthen muscles is known monastically as Vinyasa yoga. In this style of yoga, the yogi is asked to hold a certain pose for…

While cycling through Sudan (yup! you read it correctly, c-y-c-l-i-n-g) on his trip across the world, Alastair Humphries stopped in a Sudanese market to enjoy falafel sandwiches after a full day of pedaling through the death of desert. He explains,

“I watched people buy a single cigarette, half a loaf of bread or a single banana. Arguments erupted over the smallest of coins. If you sell one of your five bananas you can buy a piece of bread for tonight. There is no planning for tomorrow when every cent you own must be spent to eat today.”

As I lay…

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a client that complained for 40 of those minutes. I work for a healthcare agency that provides services over the phone. Essentially people call in and I provide the red carpet to where they need to be transferred to whether that be to a pharmacy, their doctor's office, or at times, to make a complaint. Today, it was to make a complaint.

I was getting an earful. From COVID being a conspiracy to stories about politics then back to complaints about doctors. …


Trying to serve one person at a time. Ultra-life. Namaste.

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